About IndiGrowth

We provide evidence based insights to influence your business strategy. From regional to local. From competitor to customer. From product to marketing. And other areas that your business needs insights on. Indigrowth exists to get you the insights, the WHY driving your decisions.

We understand your data needs (and there is plenty of it out there, including data neatly organized and visually presented). And that the business needs to hear from the market – your customers, competitors, analysts and experts. Our team works to combine all of this to answer your growth questions. So that you can focus on your business (than log into a system that shows charts).

Because your questions depend on the situation, so does our solution. Indigrowth develops custom solutions that best meets your needs. Get an in-depth market report or email insights on your customer’s activities. Use insights as you need them than lock into annual subscriptions.

Move beyond charts and graphs. Embed insights in your growth decisions.