AI. Making Healthcare + Tech Happen.


From online advisory to precision medicine, AI solutions promise healthcare like never before. Academia, tech giants and startups alike have taken the plunge. This note looks at the frenzied AI activity in the healthcare space.

Drones for Inspection (and they are surveying just about everything)


UAVs, or drones as they are popularly known, have crossed over from defense deployment to business solutions and are becoming mainstream for survey and inspection. This note looks at its how UAVs are transforming into powerful tool for business application.

Amazon – Taking On The SVOD Market


Amazon has transformed from being an online bookseller to an all pervasive giant. It has disrupted industries, heightened market erosion for incumbents and built a massive commerce engine. This note looks at Amazon through the lens of a serial disruptor.

Chatbots – They are here (and plan to stay)


Chatbots have evolved on the back of AI, ML and speech recognition, integrating into consumer and business application at a dizzying speed. This note takes stock of the application areas, companies of interest, and changes ahead.