Problems We Solve

Problems we solve

In-Market Expansion

You know your business, the market, and need to grow. Do questions like these reflect your dilemma?

  • What is the Dollar value of market demand and its direction over the next five years?
  • Which companies could disrupt the market?
  • Which competitor company should we acquire?
  • Are customer’s adequately aware or incentivized to buy?
  • Are there market niches to exploit?
  • Which issues are holding the customer back from a purchase?
  • What changes in distribution channels can fundamentally alter the customer’s purchase journey?

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Targeting a new market? Some of the questions we help answer:

  • Which geographic market offers opportunities for you to take?
  • Does the target market require a new channel?
  • Are there market segments to exploit?
  • How is the market organized and what trends are underway?
  • What is the extent of entry barrier and intensity of competitive threat?
  • Can we learn from competitors and better the playbook?

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New market Entry

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Portfolio Diversification

An essential market growth strategy, it necessitates focus on both diversification and development of your portfolio.

  • Learn about services and products re-positioning from your market
  • Does wider uptake require repackaging?
  • Can extension tap in to a new market segment?
  • How have other players extended the product reach without a new brand creation?
  • What trends, particularly preferences, are underway in your target market and their impact on service and product development?

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Aligning with another player, from a sourcing partner at one end to acquisition on the other, can overcome barrier and propel growth. Get the insights you need to firm your alliance strategy.

  • What alliance strategy does your competitor use?
  • How do you find the right vendor from a foreign country?
  • Does the firm have the requisite capabilities to service your business?
  • Which companies are potential targets for acquisition?
  • Which companies offer the needed technology?

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